So Tell Me For True – Are You Guys For SCUBA?

One of my favorite movie scenes is from Along Came Polly when naked SCUBA Claude awkwardly invites the nervous honeymooners to an underwater party. He declares himself the unofficial SCUBA king of St. Barts and wants to show them the beautiful coral reefs underneath is sailboat. His big sailboat. Lisa, played by Debra Messing, isContinue reading “So Tell Me For True – Are You Guys For SCUBA?”

Yowie Wowie – a Brand New OWSI

Bray Wyatt a/k/a “The Fiend” is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) favorite and he coined the phrase “Yowie Wowie.” He explained it as follows: “You ever have something so amazing happen to you that you couldn’t control what came out of your mouth next? Yowie Wowie!” I can’t think of a better way to describeContinue reading “Yowie Wowie – a Brand New OWSI”

Magical Neon Underwater Forests and a Paper Dragon

I arrived in Monterey yesterday to start my dive instructor training and got my first taste of diving the California coast today. We hit Monastery Beach with a few dive buddies and it blew my mind. The reefs and kelp beds are stunning. Neon creatures are packed everywhere you look and the cold water andContinue reading “Magical Neon Underwater Forests and a Paper Dragon”