Absolutely Fabulous

I’ve lost all credibility when it comes to the AT. Every time someone asks me which section is my favorite, I have a different answer. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Georgia and Connecticut have all been at the top of the list. I feel like Patsy and Edina at their wine tasting in France on Absolutely Fabulous. They proclaim that each one is their favorite and end up buying out half of the winery. That’s me. Stumbling around the Trail saying “Fantastique” and “This is the one.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwBAI5wcuLw

To be fair, Virginia really went all out today. We had a huge thunderstorm last night and the Trail was bright and fresh this morning with a beautiful light fog. We saw deer, a big turtle and a sweet little baby bird. We also got an amazing summer thunderstorm after lunch and it felt so good to get soaked and feel the cool breeze some up from the valley. The thunder and lightning was a little intense on top of the ridge but it was worth it.

I really do love Virginia. The Trail is so gentle and green. The summertime scents from the wildflower fields are intense and the Trail crews keep it beautifully maintained. If you have just a few days to do on the Trail, I would pick a section in Southern Virginia and you can’t go wrong. The AT books all talk about the “Virginia Blues” that hikers get because you are in the state so long but I don’t know what they are talking about.

We got in 26 miles today and stayed in Glasgow so that Boogie and Scoobie could get their laundry done. We went to a great BBQ place and met a bunch of NOBOs that started in June. There are quite a few hikers that got back on late in the season and they are all pushing hard to get to Katahdin before they close October 15. They have some fast hiking to do but can make it for sure.

I’m going to shuttle Boogie and Scoobie back to the Trail this morning and then head home. They are doing great and have just a week of hiking left. When they get off Trail, they just have a few days before starting their freshman year at college. They are sweet, open and loving people and I’m going to miss being around their energy. Hopefully, these Trail friends are for life.

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Fabulous

  1. Love the little blue bird, the doe, wildflowers with butterflies. Photos are absolutely fabulous. Such a memorable visit back to Virginia. Know you have made friends for life on this incredible journey. Have a safe trip home. We are sweating out this highly advertised hurricane projected to visit us tonight, tomorrow and possibly Monday. Enough already, but this too shall pass. The Florida motto is prepare for the worse, hope for best. Much love


  2. Glad you could get back on the trail and meet up with your friends. Save trip home. I am waiting on the hurricane. Lots of love to you


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