New Hampshire

It’s hard to believe that I am in the 13th state on the Appalachian Trail. My mind can’t catch up but my body sure has. I couldn’t get to sleep last night in that nice bed and am feeling exhausted today. The three cup of ambition that I had this morning got me out of the door but I was dragging all day. I didn’t feel like making one more big climb today so I am solo stealth camping and will get up early and attack it with fresh legs.

The Dartmouth Outdoor Club made these nice bright signs for the first few miles out of Hanover

As tired as I am, I nailed my bear hang on the first try! It is perfect. High, far away from the tree trunk and a good distance from my tent. It is the little things like this that cheer me up on an otherwise grumpy Trail day. I’ve been sore all over the last few days and I think the stress of that is also adding up. I am going to take it a bit slower over the next few days and see if that helps. If not, just push harder – right?

Bear hang perfection!

This part of the thru hike is really where the mental game is coming in. I don’t feel stressed about resupply or the other logistics but it is the everyday aches and pains that are adding up. I have been trying to focus more on my surroundings and taking more mini breaks to help with this and I think it is working. It’s also getting so close to the end but I still have the hardest mountains to climb. Literally and figuratively. I hope this is where all that great personal growth stuff that I’ve been hearing about is going to happen!

Today was also hard because there were so many dogs on the Trail and I am missing Chuck in a bad way. Do you remember that scene from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure movie right after he realized that his bike has been stolen? Pee Wee is sitting on a park bench and every kind of bicycle that you could imagine rides by. Yup, that’s what I feel like.

I’m hanging in there though. I didn’t expect every day to be happy clappy but no matter how much this can hurt it sure beats my desk at work. I texted a few trail buddies that are a little ways behind me and they are all doing great. I like giving them recommendations on places we have camped out at or stayed. I hope I can also spend some time giving them Trail magic when I get done.

9 thoughts on “New Hampshire

  1. You got this Drew! Now is the time to enjoy the trail and there is no time cutoff so take in all the beauty! Loved your bear hang! Miss you! Love you! Betty


  2. Wow Drew you have accomplished so much. Just think those legs and feet have traveled a long way in such a short time .Keep going you are just around thecorner(or should I say mountain) from finishing. Happy trails


  3. Of course you are sore, ache, exhausted and feeling just spent. My sweet son, just look back at your blogs you have traveled on those feet and legs for so many miles.


    1. Posted prematurely. Just wanted to remind you all that you have accomplished in a brief amount of time. Yes perfect bear hang. Gorgeous photos. Feel your pain missing Chuck. Just imagining that moment when Chuck sees you. So many sweet happy days ahead of you. You are coming around the bend. Move at your own pace. This adventure is a major test of endurance physically and mentally. You have all the right stuff to get to the finish line. I believe in you. I love and miss you. Happy days ahead.❤️


  4. Hang in there, Drew! You’ve really worked hard and you deserve to slow down and listen to your body. Even when we are driving to Maine it’s a morale boost to finally get out of Pennsylvania. The distance between states is so much less that it seems like we are making so much more progress than the earlier part of the trip. Then I remember how congested the roads are in those more populated areas and it gets a little depressing. Those are our mountains to climb! Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey! XO


  5. Relax,take your time and listen to Dolly just a little more. The best part of this journey is yet to come! Love you❤️


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