Would I Lie to You?

Ok. I think I just needed some sleep and I had a great rest last night and felt much better today. I had the strangest dreams but I woke feeling rested and ready to go. I am so glad that I decided to wait to do that climb until this morning. I got up early and on Trail by 6:00 and the sunrise was amazing climbing up to Smarts Peak with a cup of coffee.

The views from the ridge lines were so big. It was so clear and sunny that it looked like I could see forever. After some fun but technical hiking across some of the smaller peaks, I stopped for lunch at a stream. An older gentleman stopped and asked if I was a thru hiker and wanted to take my picture. I told him my story and he snapped a shot and recorded my trail name in his journal. Later this evening, my hiker buddies told me that they also ran into the same gentlemen and he told them that he thought I was lying. He said there was no way a thru hiker would be in New Hampshire already. They laughed and assured him that we all started at Springer on the same day.

We are officially in the White Mountain range and it is going to be a challenging couple of days. My strategy is to get up early and hike these big climbs steady and slow. Once I get into camp then it will be rest and stretching to get ready for the next day. Here is our profile for the first climb! The exciting part is that we will have amazing views from all of these peaks we will be climbing and I am looking forward to seeing the summit of Mt. Washington later this week where they have recorded the strongest winds in the world. Let’s hope it’s a tailwind.

6 thoughts on “Would I Lie to You?

  1. Wow! That is some elevation gain! I like the strategy! Slow and steady wins the race on those kind of mountains! What- someone thought you were lying about being in NH! 😜. Good luck with the climbs!


  2. Hurray!! low branch is back and with a steep mountain hike plan and strategy. The elevation is really impressive but know that you have a good plan. So happy you were able to have a good rest. Love the photos, even the yellow slug. Enjoy the views and all that nature presents to you. I sort of agree with the older gentleman, hard to believe you are already in New Hampshire. Having left Ga on Feb. 29. So far and so fast. Enjoy your steep climb. Much ❤️


  3. Glad you got a good rest. Yes it’s hard to believe you walked that far but you got a good strategy going. Keep it up


  4. Glad you got a good rest. Yes it’s hard to believe you walked that far in that short time. You got a good strategy going. Be safe


  5. Wow, that is some climb! Seeing that reminds me of when Betty and I were your support at Norseman and during the run at mile 16 we saw that mountain and could not believe that 10 mile uphill climb. Unreal Drew.


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