We are really enjoying our several days off in the Ludlow ski resort area. The weather has been so cool and the sun shining during the day while we are running our resupply errands. The only tricky part is that town is at the base of the hill and we are not! More climbing practice for New Hampshire. I will be back with updates when we get back on Trail in Wednesday but until then I hope you like these two short videos.

Hiking into Griffith Lake
Swimming in Griffith Lake

4 thoughts on “Vacay!

  1. So beautiful ! Love the balance beam trail! The lake looks amazing and now you have officially swam more than me for months! Enjoy your days off!


  2. Loving the videos. The wooden plank trail looks difficult to walk. Wondering why the wood trail? The swim in the lake looks so refreshing. Enjoy the well earned break. Please eat more. Much ❤️


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