Stratton Pond

Stratton Pond Bliss

Stratton Pond is a really special place. It is a peaceful large mountain pond that can only be reached on foot. It is remote, quiet and cold. A perfect place to recharge after a long hot day of hiking. We started off a little earlier than usual and we had a big climb up and over Stratton Mountain. We climbed the fire tower at the top and the views were incredible on such a clear bright day.

After descending off of the mountain we stopped for a nice long swim at Stratton Pond. The water was 70 degrees at the surface and it felt so good especially on my feet and sore calf muscles. The best part about it is that we got a break from the relentless black fly invasion. As soon as I got out though, those guys were waiting on me and I made quick work of getting my back organized and headed back down the Trail.

Zoom in to see the beautiful markings on this frog

We’ve covered over 80 miles in the last few days and apart from being hungrier than usual I feel pretty good. I’ve never done anything for such an extended period of time like this and it’s interesting to watch how my body is adapting. I thought I would reach some sort of plateau but I still think my legs and feet and getting stronger each day. We are going to be taking a few days off starting Sunday and I think that will be perfect timing before we hit New Hampshire.

Beaver den

We passed a lot of beaver bogs today and this one had a huge beaver den built right in the center. I am always on the look out for a beaver sighting but I haven’t spotted one yet. The cute orange newts are back. I saw several today and it has been a blast to track them all along the Appalachian ridge line.

4 thoughts on “Stratton Pond

  1. So hard to believe you are almost in New Hampshire. I think your feet and legs are almost bionic. They have carried you through multiple iron man races, marathons, arduous bike races, swims, scuba dives, mountain hikes and now you are close to finishing the challenging AT. You have accomplished amazing feats. Absorbing and processing this adventure will take some time when you leave the trail. But I feel confident there are new adventures in your future. Love the photos. The pond looks so peaceful and that is one colorful frog. Enjoy your time off, good rest and rejuvenation. Much ❤️


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