Dress Up

I think this is unique to thru hiking. When you get into town and do your laundry, the inn or laundry mat will have loaner clothes for you to wear while you are scrubbing up your gear. At most, thru hikers carry only two sets of clothes and they are both beyond gross by the time you get into town so you want to make sure everything gets washed. Also, loaner clothes is a great chance to play dress up. You can wear women’s clothes, tacky clothes, loud things – whatever you want. Just remember that this will also be your outfit for your trip into town so you better be able to pull it off in the grocery store and BBQ joint.

I went with this great UT sweatshirt that will make my Aunt Barbara and my cousin Cindy proud. Nasty found these awesome purple polyester pants with mesh pockets sewn into the calves. He paired that with a Dr Pepper t-shirt and was ready to hit the town. We are in Monson – the last Trail town before the 100 mile wilderness and home to the famous Shaw’s Hiker Inn. These people really have it all. They have a gear shop and resupply store right here and three beautiful happy dogs running around so you can get your “best friend” fix. They are also going to do a food drop for us half way through the wilderness so we don’t have to carry five days worth. My favorite is the music room on the first floor. They have a piano, guitars, a sitar and drum sets that we messed around on.

Monson has a great BBQ place down the street. The owner loves hikers and the food is fantastic and huge. We loaded up on Mac n Cheese, BBQ and hot cornbread with tons of butter and scarfed it down on the front porch before going back for ice cream. Three hours later – we were back for more! I only have a few more days to eat like this and I’m making the most of it.

I don’t have a lot of hiking pictures today. It was pouring rain throughout our 18 miles into town as we hiked on a pretty flat course along a river. There were a ton of blown down trees that took a lot of extra time to navigate through but it was fun. We even had a waist deep river to ford that was fun and refreshing. The mosquitoes were loving all this rain and were out in full force. I picked up some 100% deet at Shaw’s to get me through the wilderness. I am bringing out the professional grade stuff for the last push. I’ll leave you with a short hiking video that I took the other day. I may not have cell service for the next few days but I’ll blog for sure if I do.

7 thoughts on “Dress Up

  1. Great video and the dress up game is fantastic! Hope the sun comes out today! Can’t believe heading towards the red carpet finish line! Double Enjoy today! PS – I won’t worry now that you told me you may not have cell service next few days!


  2. Loved the dress up part and the video. You have really met nice people on your adventure. Enjoy the last stretch


  3. How appropriate that you would wear the UT shirt. This represents a lot of my heritage. You look terrific. Now what to wear for your re entry into our place in space. What a fun experience wearing clothes so unlike what you have been wearing. The video was beautiful. Looks like Sherwood Forest. How wonderful that you do not have to carry all your provisions on this next hike and they will bring the rest to you. As you say, “the trail does provide”. Really looking forward to your big finish. Be safe. Much ❤️.


  4. Oh my goodness! I love dress up and seeing you in that Tennessee Volunteer shirt made me smile and cry at the same time. I will be smiling the rest of the day! Love you, enjoy every minute, you really do look like a Tennessee mountain man now❤️


  5. Drew:

    It has been fun reading your blogs. Second to your comments about nature, food is a big focal point. I imagine you need a whole lot to get you through18 to 26 miles/day!!

    Almost there. Big congrats to you. What a wonderful personal journey— that you have shared with us. Thank you.

    We are back from four days of Key Largo diving. Water clear and flat as a pancake. Fantastic. Spiegel Grove, too. As soon as you give Brian and Chuck enough love, come stay here for a weekend. Free room and board in exchange for you guiding us over the Boynton/ Delray reefs (no ops in the area provide guides in the water).

    Travel safe. Soak up as much of the trail as you can. Please do not share how Boogie got his name…

    Much love


  6. Hi Drew you look great in that TENNESSEE orange! I got a kick out of it .you are having a great time ..I love to read about your great adventures love….aunt Barbara


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