100 Mile Wilderness

A NOBO hike just seems so perfect for me. I got to start off in Georgia where I know the Trail so well and was excited to explore new territory as I got farther away from home. The 100 Mile Wilderness is the last stretch before Kahtadin and it is an ideal space to reflect on everything that has happened on this wonderful adventure. I met new friends, visited angels, received magic and spent four beautiful months in the soft green wild.

2,100 Miles!

Poet is the owner of Shaw’s Inn in Monson and he got up early on Wednesday morning and made us a huge breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon and blueberry pancakes. He drove us back to the Trail and we sat and talked for a while before we started hiking. He had some great advice for us to treat the next five days in the Wilderness like a gift. A chance to drink in the best part of this experience that will leave us overflowing.

The first two days of the Wilderness are pretty spicy. The Trail is technical and slow going but I took it easy and spent extra time looking for critters and wildflowers. I found a big new beaver dam and spotted my first beaver on the trip. These dams are mighty impressive! This one was over 50 feet long and 3 feet high with a huge den built in the middle of the new lake they created. It was shocking how much of the forest they took down to create this.

Beaver Dam
Zoom in to see the Beaver

Our second day in the Wilderness included our last set of climbs called the Chairback. They were pretty steep but not very long and they had great views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. I never get tired of the views on these summits. It’s so fun when I finally get to the top and get to peek over at my reward for all that work. The sun, clouds and huge sky all working together to frame a beautiful picture. It was breezy at the top and a great chance to stop for a break.

We hiked 19 miles the first day and then 24 the next. Our campsite after day two was next to this beautiful mini waterfall and I crammed my tent in a small space right next to it. There was a light rain and it was perfect conditions for a great nights sleep after a hard day. Poet is going to meet us at the half way point today with sandwiches and cokes together with the rest of our resupply for the last three days in the Wilderness. The terrain for the rest of the trip is really easy and there are a bunch of ponds and lakes ton enjoy. Only 71.4 miles to go. It’s so hard to believe.

7 thoughts on “100 Mile Wilderness

  1. Wow! Can’t believe you are almost finished! What will I look forward to every day! You will have to continue to blog in Atlanta! 😜 This is your time to truly enjoy the last days! ❤️


  2. You are really going to miss this ! Even though a part of you will be glad to be home. Your trip has been a great gift to yourself and to those of us who have followed you. I am so grateful you have shared it with us.


  3. So wonderful to hear from you. These last miles are so memorable in a lot of ways. Love your stories. We are all going to be lost without your blogs. Photos magnificent. What a journey you created and lived. Memories to last you forever. So happy you were able to realize your dream. We share in your joy and success. Be safe. Much ❤️


  4. You are almost at the end of the tunnel. I am going to miss your blogs and pictures. Enjoy the last few miles. Hugs !!!!


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