Postal Service – 2 / Low Branch – 0

Welcome to New York

I got up at 4:30 to hike the 13 miles to Glenwood Lake NY to pick up my food resupply package. It was fun getting out early and the Trail started with a steep climb up over the rocky hillside that ran along side the valley where we spent the night. When I crossed the NJ/NY border there was a long series of boulders to hike that would have been a blast except that they were slick as ice in the light rain that fell all day. I slipped a half a dozen times but nothing serious. Just really slow going. I jammed out to Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” as I navigated the boulders. It was taking much longer than I expected and I jogged up to the post office just before it closed.

Yikes! No package. This is super frustrating but not unexpected. The postal worker that sent the package for me in Delaware Water Gap explained that everything is a “hot mess” at their main distribution center in New Jersey and even showed me a picture of a huge postal warehouse backlogged with thousands of packages. I would have been a lot cooler about it all but this particular package had all of my food for the next week. Fortunately, there was a CVS next door and I’ve gotten pretty darn good at learning how to cobble together meals from drug stores and gas stations. I’ll be eating traditional hiker trash meals like Mac n Cheese, tuna packets and trail mix until I get to Connecticut. The real pain is trying to get this box bounced to another post office down the Trail. It is still spinning around somewhere in Jersey City. Wish me luck.


The good news about the trip into Glenwood Lake was the pizza. Just barely over the border and I am officially in pizza heaven. No one knows how to bake huge thin crust slices like New Yorkers. I scarfed down a huge beautiful salad and three slices on the steps outside of the pizza joint in the rain. A woman walked by and asked “Dining al fresco?” That sounds way classier when you put it that way. I smiled and took another huge bite of pizza and then headed next door to a French bakery for a huge chocolate chip cookie and a coffee. I am really going to miss eating like this when I finish. It really is a blast to eat so much delicious food and not gain any weight.

Geckos are back!

The cute orange geckos are back. These guys are my favorite and there were dozens on the Trail today. They look like the same ones that I saw in Virginia but a lot smaller. I was kneeling down on the Trail talking to one for a while when a woman came by and admired them with me. She said “Oh, these guys are my favorite – it’s like Christmas out here for me today.” I agreed. They are so sweet and seem to like to be held.

I finished the day at just over 25 miles and pretty worn out. We are stealth camping tonight near a pond. Stealth camping is my favorite. It is so fun to make a little home for myself out of nothing. I just need a relatively flat space and a water source. It feels like a real back country adventure. It’s super quiet at this spot tonight and I had some nice down time before bedtime to watch a movie and enjoy the warm weather.

9 thoughts on “Postal Service – 2 / Low Branch – 0

  1. I am sorry you didn’t get your package. The post office is always slow even in normal times. Hope it’s there at your next station. Enjoying your pictures and daily stories. Safe hiking and many hugs


  2. You’re right Drew. Without a doubt NY has the best pizza (and not saying that just because I grew up there). Hope your package catches up with you. Loved the selfie of you.

    Happy (dry) trails & rocks.


  3. This package and post office stuff is so annoying. I still have not had my package mailed back to me from Virginia. Hopefully your packages will catch up with you, in the meantime eat all the yummy N.Y. Pizza. Your selfie is so good. You look happy despite missing packages and overall fatigue. Be safe and enjoy. Much love


  4. Loved the videos from yesterday. The birds were incredible and the sweet little orange geckos. OMG!


  5. Your after school special for today: I was curious about your cute, red lizards. It’s the juvenile stage of the eastern newt called a red eft (thanks Google). There are various subspecies which may account for the size difference, or the ones further north might be younger. The one you picked up looks like a Norbert Newt to me. 🙂


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