My First View of Katahdin

There she is. The sacred place that I’ve been dreaming about for so long. We got a great view of Katahdin from the Trail today and it really hit me that this is going to happen. The snow, rain, cold, heat, bugs, sore feet, aching back and constant hunger is going to pay off. The goal is in sight and it feels great. I thought a lot today about the progression of this and how I have been so careful not to let myself get too far ahead. In March, I wouldn’t even talk about it. In April and May, I would study the “Going to Katahdin” signs and finishing pictures when but I still kept my distance emotionally. In June, I started to talk about it for real and make final plans. I picked a date to finish in July and here I am.

Today was the first day that we really started seeing the SOBOs come through. The first groups looked fresh and happy. Near the end of the day we saw some that were truly struggling in the heat and mosquitoes. I stopped and talked with each one and told them how happy I was to see them out here. It took me back to those frantic first days in Georgia. I know what they are going through and it is an intense mixture of fear and excitement during those first few weeks. Hang in there. You will find you pace and your mind will settle. The mosquitoes on Trail were not as bad as we had expected so that really helped with the hike. We felt good so we pushed a little farther and got 28 miles in before stopping at Rainbow Lake and finding a sweet stealth camping spot on the shore. I think this is where the mosquitoes have been hiding all day and they made the camp chores pretty tough until we could get into our tents. The sunset on the lake was beautiful and the frogs and loons are singing us asleep. I’m going to miss these peaceful nights in my tent after a hard hike. It’s the best rest I’ve found.

Rainbow Lake Sunset

We have just one last 17 mile hike to Katahdin Stream campground and then our summit early Monday morning. We are going to hit the Trail around 3AM on Monday to get a good sunrise as we climb. I won’t have cell service until I get done and back out of Baxter State Park but will be sure to send updates as soon as I can. Until then, thank you for following and stay tuned for post Trail updates as I try my hand at magic.

6 thoughts on “My First View of Katahdin

  1. Looks like the Norseman run around the lake when we could see the mountain finish! What a beautiful lake again! Wow! Last hiking day and then the finish! Can’t believe! So many emotions! Enjoy today to it’s fullest! Love you and so proud!


  2. What a memorable view of your finish just ahead of you. Over the last 4 months plus 7 days you have accomplished quite a feat. While you have completed multiple races (too many to count) this journey feels so different. Has felt overwhelming to me. I am so proud of you in all that you accomplish, but this is the BIG one. You look happy and content. Real clothes, endless showers, plenty of food, great bed just ahead. Not to mention Bryan will be waiting for you. Have a terrific hike today. Love you🥰


  3. Wow what an accomplishment. I am so proud of you. Enjoy the last stretch. I know Bryan will be happy to see you again. Love you and looking forward to the next blog


  4. Oh Drew this is the grand,, a beautiful way to finish.. I‘m so proud for you..will miss you when it is over. Take care..aunt B


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