Slacking the Carters

On top of the final climb of the Whites!

Slack packing is amazing. I just took some water and lunch with me and I couldn’t feel my pack at all. As I hit the first climb up to the top of the Wildcat ski resort, it was a blast to move so quickly up and over the big boulders. Once I got up and over the first climb, I came upon a beautiful cold mountain lake and jumped in for a quick swim before the next series of summits.

I felt great after he swim and stopped at the top of the next climb for a quick lunch. It was a grab and go because the black flies were ferocious and wouldn’t leave me alone for an a second. I am trying my best not to use deet products for the bugs but today was testing my limits. That is probably why I started to go a little crazy today and started seeing faces in the rocks. At least they aren’t talking to me – yet.

A face in the rocks

The only thing I don’t like about slacking is that it really changes my focus. Since I can go faster without my equipment, I am focused on that more than the beautiful surroundings. I did stop several times at the lookouts for some great views and a cool breeze on this really hot day. It got over 90 degrees today and the heat was pretty intense as I dropped back down into the valley.

After the last climb of the Whites, the Trail flattened out pretty nicely but the mosquitoes came out in force along the river and I had to break into a jog to try to get away from them. As I got within a few miles of the inn, I called and ordered a pizza and salad and it showed up a few minutes after I got in. I am taking a rest day today and picked up all of my resupply items including my last box from Outdoor Herbivore. They included a sweet note on my invoice and I can’t believe that this really is the final push. I’ll be in Maine on Sunday afternoon! I’ll take tomorrow off from blogging but will be back on Monday. Thanks again for following and I love all the comments.

9 thoughts on “Slacking the Carters

  1. Hard to believe you had 90 degree weather. You must have felt light as a feather without your big pack. Magnificent views and photos but aggravating insects. You are so close to the end. For you, must feel like this adventure went by so quickly. All of your cheerleaders will be so sad when the blog ends. You can’t just drop us off in a blank void. We have to know where you are, what you are eating, where you are camping, who are your hike mates, where are the stunning photos, critter photos, even snakes, difficult trails, and perfect days. These blogs are for so many of us the start of our day. Like reading a favorite book and not wanting it to end. You could think about a post AT blog. Just a thought. Thank you for carting us along on this amazing journey. MAINE look out, low branch is on his way. Much love ❤️


  2. Now that you crushed those White ‘a you are on the home stretch. Glad you taking the weekend off and looking for your next pictures and adventures. And yes I did see the face in the rock


  3. The Whites looked beautiful. Enjoy your day off and get some rest before Maine. Glad you are having a blast because I sure am. Being able to follow along with you every day is awesome!!!


  4. Never get tired of the gorgeous photos from your terrific views. I when you started talking about the black flies and mosquitoes I started slapping myself. Naturally reaction I guess to those annoying flies. Enjoy your zero Drew.


    1. Drew I have so enjoyed following along on your amazing journey and can’t believe you are almost finished with the AT!What an athlete and trail warrior you are not to mention fantastic photographer!!


  5. Ok this went too fast! Loved experiencing this Journey with you. I have no back up reading material when this is over,yikes! You are such a amazing athlete and somehow made this look easy. That’s a real gift❤️


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