Magic Time!

I am usually pretty down after a big race or other event. After I cross the finish line, I have a good day of endorphins left and then the bottom falls out and I have to pick up the pieces for the next week or so. Luckily, this time is different. I feel a lot more resilient after coming off the Trail. I miss just about everything about it but 2,193 miles was the last blaze and it was time to reunite with Bryan.

Bryan and I spent a few blissful days in Portland and I got everything cleaned up and allowed my body to rest. My first run on Tuesday morning was slow but it was fun to get back into it. We ate tons of good food and I took long hot showers and pampered my feet. Bryan flew back to Atlanta on Wednesday and I headed about two hours north to spend time with Sue and Dave at their beautiful lake house.

Low Branch, Dave and Bailey

Dave was my managing partner for many years at Kutak and we became good friends with Sue as well. It was such a wonderful visit and they fed me like a king. I had a relaxing swim in their warm lake on Thursday morning and then headed about 20 miles to Bar Harbor to see Michele and Craig. They treated me to a great tour of Acadia National Park and we ended it with a classic Maine lobster dinner.

Acadia coastline

It’s magic time! I got up early and did a mini-hike at the Bubbles in Acadia and then headed back to the Trail with a car load of trail treats for my buddies. My first stop is at mile 2038 just shy of the Kennebec River. I met up with Carbon Man and Heisenberg and they were thrilled to have the cold Cokes, fruit and Oreos that I brought. It felt great to give back to the Trail but I was sad when I had to leave it today. It’s such a special place.

Carbon Man and Heisenberg

Trail karma is a wonderful thing and I was treated well for my kindness today. As I was waiting in the car for the guys, a beautiful juvenile moose came ambling up the road. My first sighting on Trail. She got really close and then decided to duck into the woods and continue on her day. What and awesome thrill.


I finished the day back in Gorham at a hiker inn where I stayed on the way up and chatted with some NOBOs that are making their way north. They got a big kick out of our finishing photos and I helped them out with recommendations for the Maine section. I am loving this part of the journey home. It’s great to be connected with the community again and to encourage others to press on. I have some more magic days planned but we are also going to get hit with a tropical storm system tomorrow so that might delay some things. Stay tuned for some more Trail fun.

11 thoughts on “Magic Time!

  1. Glad you finally got to see your moose Drew. That lobster dinner looked amazing. Going to miss reading your updates every morning as well as seeing the great photos. Betty and I are looking forward to seeing you and Bryan when you do get back home. Safe travels home.

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  2. Hurray for the moose showing up on the trail. Now your adventure is almost complete, following a few days of magic for the NOBOs. What fun for you to reunite with great friends. Your lobster 🦞 looked yummy. Photos of Arcadia park brought warm memories for us. Truly a magnificent treasure. Stay dry through this storm and fun trail magic. Much ❤️

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  3. So glad you finally saw your moose. Thank you again for visiting with us and allowing us to show you Acadia and Bar Harbor. Stay safe on your trip home 💜.

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  4. Great to see you, Drew. All this time you just had to sit and wait for the moose to come to you. Hope you have a relaxing and uneventful trip back to Atlanta.

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  5. Need the fresh Lobster in Dallas STAT! Is tomorrow too early for the delivery? Pics are beautiful, so glad you are spending time with great friends and enjoying the beauty around you❤️


  6. Drew, Matthias shared your blog with me. Congrats. I grew up in western Massachusetts and over the years I hiked parts of the AT in Maine, Vermont, Mass, Connecticut, New York, Penn, Virginia and North Carolina but I never put it all together. It is a noteworthy accomplishment. Now you can come out to Colorado and do the Rockies from border to border.


  7. Gorham was one of our favorite views during our Acadia trip last September. We didn’t get to see any Moose though!


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