Your Name In Sticks

You know something good has happened when you see your name in sticks! Way better than lights and so very carbon neutral. My dear friend Betty found out today that her multiple myeloma is in full remission! She battled hard with a full round of chemotherapy and then stem cell replacement and she is finally on the other side. I was so relieved and the tears of joy just came pouring out. I had a wonderful cry and felt so happy for Betty and overwhelmed with how strong she has been through everything. You know Betty – never missed a beat. She juggled all of these complicated procedures, was a wonderful wife and friend, worked full time, exercised and kept a positive attitude throughout. I just shake my head when I think about everything she has been through and on top of all that during a global pandemic. So proud of you Betty and I can’t wait to celebrate with you in person. In the meantime, you’ll have to party the virtual way and laugh at my silly jump selfie. I know how much you like these.

Betty’s wonderful news really helped balance me out today. The events over the last few days have been shocking and I was so thankful for the diversion. I woke up early and grabbed a great coffee at the fancy pastry shop in Kent and then hit the Trail with a pretty steep climb out of town. It was so lush and green today and the birds were all enjoying the warm weather. This picture is from a beautiful and flat 4 mile section along the river and it was a great break from the rest of the day filled with pretty technical and steep climbs on wet rocks.

We are camping pretty remotely today and the owls are already out and making a ruckus. Sometimes I think they are just showing off to the crazy humans hiding in their tents. This is definitely bear country too and Astronaut saw two baby cubs in a tree just outside our camp. That means mom is somewhere close so I am happy that they have a bear box here. I will leave you with a great shot of a wild lady slipper orchid that I found this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Your Name In Sticks

  1. So happy for you trip and the privilege of being able to share it through your posts. And I am proud and happy for Betty. ❤️


  2. I am so happy your friend Betty is doing so good. It takes a strong person to go through what she had to do. Congratulations Betty !!!
    Glad you having a good hike. Yes watch the bears. Hope you have good weather and I am sending hugs to get you through the tough climbs


  3. Awwwwwwwww! Thank you Drew! My heart is full and warm! Truly love your jump which is amazing after you have hiked millions of miles! Can’t wait to celebrate your AT and my remission with you at the Amangiri! 😂

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  4. Congratulations to Betty. I can relate to her fight to be well in many ways. The cure is difficult to endure but Betty came through with flying colors. Your jump proves you have some awesome friends and good energy. Have a strong hike today. Love you. Be safe.


    1. P.s. love that sweet lady finger. A wild one is even more special. Impressed you could identify the plant. Good eye.


  5. Love this post Drew! Betty’s need is definitely a high point in all the sadness lately. And it must be a good day! I think Pink lady slippers are hard to find.


  6. Love this post Drew! Betty’s news is definitely a high point in all the sadness lately. And it must be a good day! I think Pink lady slippers are hard to find.


  7. Congrats to your friend Betty! Her positive attitude has helped her get back to great health again. Blessings to Betty💕


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