Magical Magic

We set out early this morning after a great breakfast at the Sterling Inn and headed into a light rain that lasted all day. Maine has been in a drought for the last few months and it’s great to see all of the plants and flowers really perking up with the much needed moisture. We had a few minor climbs but most of the Trail was really easy except for the mosquitoes. I added a bug net for my head to my gear and it really helps. It looks a little crazy but it does the job.

We’ve been hearing about an attack hawk on this section of the

Trail and someone posted signs to warn hikers. They were not kidding! As soon as Scoobie, Nasty and I past the sign we started running and she came swooping out of the trees and screeching really loud. We were laughing so hard it was tough to keep running. We made it through okay but Boogie didn’t fare so well. The hawk dive bombed her twice and pecked at her head and pack and she had to fight her off with her hiking poles. The comment board on Guthook is full of the stories this year. This hawk must have a nest near by and she is not cool with us hiking through her nursery.

We stopped for lunch at a shelter and when we left we found some Trail magic Cokes sitting on a rock on the middle of the woods. This is my favorite type of magic. It is usually found near a road crossing but when you find it out in the woods like this it feels even more magical. Some sweet soul took the time to hike this in and it so appreciated.

The rain really picked up so we decided to call it a shorter day than planned and we will make it up on our hike tomorrow into Monson. We are camping near a beautiful pond and the sound of the rain is amazing against my rain fly. I think we will be back in the wet tomorrow but we can regroup in Monson before heading out on our last stretch.

5 thoughts on “Magical Magic

  1. The mosquito net works. You look great. Scary with the mama hawk. Nature teaches at every opportunity. Have a strong hike tomorrow. Be safe. Hugs and much ❤️.


  2. Love the net look. It fits you. That is scary with that hawk. Glad you all away from there. Enjoy the trail magic. Hope you get better weather soon. Many hugs


  3. Cokes and Head Netting! Love it! Hope the sun was out yesterday! Enjoy and Embrace last few days of pure joy!


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