McAfee Knob

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Today was a big day. We got up to McAfee’s Knob for the iconic AT hiker photo on top of the rock monolith looking over the Virginia valleys. The weather was perfect and we spent about an hour at the summit celebrating over 710 miles of happy hiking. We’ve had our share of headwind over the past few weeks but we are finding a way. I hope you enjoy this collection of shots from our 17 mile hike today.

Also, thank you so much for following along with me. This blog has been really fun to write and I really appreciate all of your comments and outreach. Stay tuned. We will be right back to hiking after this very important zero we are taking tomorrow in Daleville.

6 thoughts on “McAfee Knob

  1. Congratulations on this big day. Wow 710 miles. Your video is just fabulous. Love the cows, beautiful plants and the views are memorable. Loving your journey. Standing on the edge of the mountain looking down into the valley is just breathtaking. This has to be an ad and promotion for hiking the AT. Can only imagine how thrilling this moment was for you and Mallwalker. Enjoy your zero. Much love.


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