Until I Get Another Message From Myself

Susie Greene

If you could invite three people to a dinner party who would they be? I have to cheat a little on this one because a couple of my guests would need to come in character. I would invite Larry David & Susie Essman (in character as Susie Greene from Curb Your Enthusiasm). Larry is just Larry, right? Please count that as one since they have to come together and preferably in the same car. Next would be Alanis Morissette. I have some questions for Alanis, like why she writes the lyrics that I was just thinking about. Is she following me? She scares me worse than Google. Finally, I would save the head of the table for Jennifer Coolidge (in character as Sherri Ann Cabot from Best in Show.)

In Best in Show, Jennifer plays a delightfully clueless and self-absorbed Sherri Ann Cabot. Sherri Ann is married to billionaire octogenarian Leslie and appears to spend her days primping ridiculous outfits and stumbling into a lesbian relationship with her dog trainer Christy Cummings played by Jane Lynch.

The Happy Couple
Christy and Sherri Ann

Sherri Ann is very nervous about the possibility of her third win at the dog show and hides out back stage scarfing popcorn and waiting for another message from herself. As my last bit of preparation for the Appalachian Trail I am doing the same (without the popcorn, billionaire husband or lesbian relationship). Click link below:


I have meticulously packed 10 boxes and am sending them ahead to meet me along the trail. This should get me through the first few months and then I’ll phone in my orders to Bryan for the rest of the trip. I’m sending them to Post Offices and hiker hostels in NC, TN and VA with a plea written on the address to “Hold for Thru-Hikers Drew and Chuck.” This is definitely the “Art” vs. “Science” part of trail planning. It is hard to gauge when I will arrive and if it will be a day when said post office, store or hostel will be open. For many of these I will need to shuttle or hitch into town to pick up. All part of the adventure!

These are indeed messages from myself but these come packed with dehydrated vegetarian food and Twizzlers for me and 4 pound bags of Chuck’s Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient Chicken meals. He LOVES this stuff. We’ve been working him into this and he barks and dances at mealtime now. The ingredients are all first rate and it has the highest number of calories per volume on the market. I am going to triple his caloric intake and see how that goes. Hopefully that will be enough (plus a few hamburgers and tacos for him when we are in resupply towns.)

I am nervous about taking Chuck and am going to start super slow with him and make sure he has more than enough to eat. I think he is going to have a blast but like Sherri Ann I love my dog and would do anything for him. We are going to enjoy the trail and all of its wonderful sights and smells. There will be tons of stream crossings for Chuck to enjoy and we are going to take nice leisurely breaks at lunch to rest and soak in the views. When it comes to mealtimes I guess I just need to wait until I get another message . . . from myself.

Dinner Time

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