Missing My Underwater Friends

As my AT start date gets closer I am really getting nervous and also starting to think hard about all of the wonderful things I’m going to be missing while on trail. I am going to really miss Bryan and even our cat LD. Even though he is a jerk (LD that is) I still love the little guy. Bryan is being an absolute saint about this crazy adventure and I couldn’t even begin to think about doing this without his love and support.

I am also going to really miss my underwater friends that I’ve been hanging out with the last few years. I discovered scuba diving thanks to a dear friend that we vacation with in the BVI every year. In 2015, JP told me wonderful stories about his experiences diving the HMS Rhône in Salt Island BVI and made me promise him that I would get certified before I saw him again the following year. I agreed and signed up for classes the day I got home to Atlanta. Let’s just say that it stuck and have been an avid diver ever since. I especially love all of the different training courses and recently became a PADI Divemaster. I have also enrolled to become a certified instructor later this year in the Philippines so I can help share this with others.

The ocean is an amazing world and I feel an intense connection with its creatures. My favorite moments are times that I spend alone with a turtle or school of fish. The shark encounter dives are really special and helped me see these beautiful animals in a new light.

I took one last trip this weekend to Palm Beach to say goodbye to my new friends. They will be missed while I am on trail but I have these great memories to carry with me in the meantime. Check out the video below to see what my underwater friends have been up to.

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