Steeper, Harder and Longer

I think today was the hardest day I’ve had yet. I got up early to get started on what I knew was going to be a sporty 27 mile day over some of the toughest terrain in the Whites. The adventure started early with a nearly vertical descent down from the campsite on a part of the Trail that also serves as a small stream. It was tough navigating those wet rocks with my peanut butter bagel breakfast in hand.

The views from the summits and ridge lines were spectacular this morning. I came around the corner and was faced with this beautifully framed view of the mountain I was coming down and the ones that I had waiting for me this afternoon. I took an extra long lunch by a fast waterfall, showered in the cold water and then laid out in the sun on a rock and drank a cup of coffee. It was great but I had to get back on the Trail to finish the last fourteen miles of the day.

Thank you dear Trail maintainers

After lunch, I was treated to a chill section of flat Trail and I could relax a little and enjoy the easy hike. That all changed pretty quickly when I crossed the road and started the long six mile climb headed to our campsite. Once I got up on the ridge there were several boulder climbing sections that are really fun and I’m starting to get the hang of how I can use my pack weight to help it hurl me up over some of the big ones.

Sweet flat section

I finally got to the campsite around 8:00 and found it nearly destroyed with huge trees blown down everywhere. It looks like a tornado or microburst went through here recently and they made haven’t had a chance to clean it up. Fortunately, a few of the tent platforms were still intact and the privy was open for business.

This guy was stunning himself and did not want to move.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am meeting up with Taylor. She lives here in New Hampshire and we hiked together for the first couple of weeks of March before she got off for the virus. She is a super strong hiker an an expert on the Whites. More importantly, she is going to hike me in a cold Coke!

5 thoughts on “Steeper, Harder and Longer

  1. I can just imagine how tough that climb was if you’re saying it was hard. Once again Drew, absolutely gorgeous photos.


  2. Fantastic photos like always! Thanks for posting them! The blue sky against the mountains are magical! Have another fabulous day hiking today!


  3. The pictures are awesome. It has to be tough to conquer those boulders. I know you can do it. Gladyou going to meet up with your friend. Have another great day and looking forward to the pictures


  4. Your photos are so real and just crisp in color and detail. I marvel at your climbing strength. Hope you leave these boulders soon. 😱 yikes another snake. So wonderful you reconnected with your friend today and will have a cold coke. Amazing how what we all take for granted (a cold coke) is such a special treat. Enjoy your hike with Taylor. Be safe. Much ❤️


  5. The pictures are awesome. It has to be tough to conquer those boulders. I know you can do it. Glad you going to meet up with your friend. Have another great day and looking forward to the pictures. Also hope you have great weather


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