Uh oh. Almost in New Jersey

It really hit us today how fast we were going when we planned out the next few days and realized that we are going to be in New Jersey on Monday. It was a mixture of relief to be almost done with the rocks but at the same time we don’t want the trip to end too quickly. I have the pre post-trail blues. We spent a long time today reminding ourselves of some of our favorite spots and funny stories. I know there is so much more ahead of us but it’s been so special that I don’t want it to end.

A break from the rocks!

I fast packed today. I got up early and headed out at 6 with Astronaut and Jellyfish. We hit a really fast pace early on and held on to that for the rest of the day. The rocky sections were technical but we kept a great pace. Just a few hours into the hike I realized that we were just about half way through our hike and I was curious how fast I could get through the rest of the 25 mile hike. I jogged and pushed pretty hard and popped out into Port Clinton around 2:15. It was fun but not something I want to do every day. I much prefer a slower pace where I can enjoy the views and hunt for cool critters.

Port Clinton Train Depot

I walked past the historic Port Clinton train depot and then scurried up an embankment to highway 61 and walked the shoulder of the road for about a mile to hiker Shangri-La. A huge Wal-Mart plaza with a Microtel and every type of fast food you could imagine. I got all of my chores done after checking in to the Microtel and then spent some really fun chill time with the crew. We are really starting to gel as a hiking team and it feels so great to have such a tight group to stay with.

Astronaut’s Garmin Tracker Map

Astronaut has this really cool Garmin tracker that drops a pin for all of her camping spots along the way. She does this every night to show her family where she is and to confirm that she is safe. It is really cool to look at the map and see how far we’ve come. This helps explain why my shoes are so torn up. I ordered my fourth pair of today and they will be waiting for me when I get to Delaware Water Gap. I don’t think they will be my last.

Mile 1,200

7 thoughts on “Uh oh. Almost in New Jersey

  1. Wow, just WOW!!!!. You seem to gain strength and endurance as you race through the trail. Your trail buddies seem so perfect for your pace. Love your photos and stories. Take care, be safe. Congratulations on your 1200 mile mark. Much love


  2. I like the map Drew. I noticed most of the flags were red and there were several blue ones. Any meaning with that?

    I use to going canoeing with my friends in the Delaware Water Gap when in my teens. Had not thought of that in decades till you mentioned it. Loved it there.

    Safe travels.


    1. She said that the blue flags denoted the days that she took Neros at the beginning but then the color coding got goofed up so they don’t really mean anything now. It’s a cool resource though.


  3. Drew it’s been so damn fun following you past few months!! I’m definitely living vicariously through your adventure. I’m curious what shoes you’re using? Keep crankin, brother!


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