Luck and Kindness

We got lucky today and were able to get through our 15 mile hike today without any rain. We slept so soundly next to the waterfall last night and headed back on the trail at 7:30. The terrain was easy today but we were really feeling the last few long days. Plus, we’ve been out for 10 days without a break and our dogs are barking for sure.

The famous green tunnel

The skies were pretty clear most of the day but we could tell that the pattern was changing and something big was rolling in. The wind was slowly picking up and the clouds were rolling in. We picked up the pace so we could get to our camping spot before it started coming down. We really lucked out and got in and everything set up just as the rain started.

Mallwalker on the ridge

The highlight of the day was this sweet note that we came across from the Woods Hole Hostel that was posted to a tree. There has been so much in fighting among the different trail community groups and their sentiment was a breath of fresh air. It was kind and simple and respectful of each individual’s decisions.

So kind

We will get through this mess. In the meantime, we just need more people like this around. They are turning their fear into action helping people. I spent a few minutes today with this note and it really brightened my day. I hope it does the same for you.

3 thoughts on “Luck and Kindness

  1. Luck and kindness, good karma coming your way. Loved the note. So sweet and encouraging. Here you are 600 miles plus. Enjoy your upcoming break. Take care of those feet. Making great progress and special memories. Much love


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