Roan Mountain

Blue Beauties

Roan Mountain has been a goal for a long time now. I’ve been wanting to hike this area since I first read about it in a great nonfiction book called “Stand Up That Mountain” by Jay Erskine Leutze. It is the story of a lawyer that saved one of the most beautiful sections of the AT from a mining operation through a hell of a lot of work and a true love for these beautiful highland balds. It is a spectacular area and shows off some amazing views of the Blue Ridge mountains. I put a short video together to share my favorite day so far.

11 thoughts on “Roan Mountain

  1. Drew:

    It looks gorgeous. Lovely hike. Are you averaging 18 to 20 miles/day? I forget that it is winter/spring there. 90F here and green.

    Enjoy the solitude. Life is different off the trail but we will get through this.



  2. Breathtaking views. You are creating such a beautiful story of nature before you. Love your smile can feel the peace. Your music was perfect.


  3. Drew, I just found your link again today. This was so good, I binge-watched/read the whole thing. Even popped myself some popcorn! Things are much different than when we met up a month ago, but much is the same. All of our rushing got us ready to respond to this crisis. People don’t know, but you had a big part in the difference we’re making now, so be proud. This blog was such a welcome respite today. Your pictures and words bring perspective to it all. I invited my husband to join, too. We’ve hiked portions of the AT (he much more than I), but it’s always been one of his dreams to hike the whole thing. Stay well and stay safe! Look forward to your next update.


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