Push to Pizza

On top of Big Bald

I got up early today with the intention of doing a 20 mile day to the No Business Knob shelter and then finishing up tomorrow to Erwin, TN. The morning was beautiful and as Jitter and I climbed out of camp we met the sun coming over the mountains and a sweet lab mix playing along the trail near her mom. The terrain was pretty tough today but I wanted to get as close to Erwin as I could as I had a hotel reservation there and was looking forward to getting a shower and my clothes cleaned.

Trail to the sky

I lost Jitter about 5 miles in and left her a note at the next shelter. When I got there around 4:30 I decided to push another 7 miles and get to the hotel a night early so I could take a true zero tomorrow and recuperate out of the rain. It was really eerie on the trail today. I didn’t see any other hikers until I got to the last shelter. When I got there most of them were getting off tomorrow for good. It’s so hard to be out here right now trying to push through with so many people leaving. Several times during the day I had to yell out my new mantra “I’m gonna make it!” into the woods and sending the birds and squirrels scampering. Poor critters don’t know what to do about this stinky crazy man with his home on his back screaming into the woods. I even stopped at one point today and hugged a tree. If felt good.

Where is everyone?

I know there are still hikers out there but it’s getting lonely. I’ve received so many great texts and messages from friends and family over the past few days. It’s a jolt of energy each time I get one and keeps me going.

AT Rock marking

My hotel was another mile or so off the trail so today ended up being around 28 miles and by the time I got here I was cooked. I took an amazing shower and ordered a pizza and salad while I cleaned up all my gear. The pizza was amazing too but I just about fell asleep eating it so I left my laundry for tomorrow and am hitting the sack. I am going to rest and resupply tomorrow and plan my next push to Roan Mountain. Please send good vibes for an improvement in the virus situation and for all of those good people out there struggling to keep their lives in order.

Glorious beautiful wonderful pizza!

10 thoughts on “Push to Pizza

  1. dearest Drew – I have been hiking the AT around Suches nearly every day and have you in my thoughts- the trail around here is also emptying out compared to last week when it was almost a hiker highway. Keep pushing through – you need to do this and you are an inspiration to so many (including me). I won’t lie to you – it is a really scary time – particularly given the leadership (or lack of) – social isolation is key in the short term until we have a vaccine – and being on the AT is the best place to be — my only peace these days is when I am in nature – all my love, hugs and positive energy – Julie


  2. Drew, I love reading your posts! It is such a refreshing break from the crazy news and work cycle we are in right now. I am glad you are enjoying the beauty around you and I know you’ll make it to the end. Take good care!


  3. What a day. 27 miles and a pizza for reward. You are hanging in there in difficult times. Overcoming what seems to be impossible is the ultimate challenge. Much lovr


  4. Some times pressing on seems so hard and lonely but you will be so happy you kept going that is you love and good vibes by the way I just love your pictures


  5. A boost to read your journey. Rest and stay strong. Just be careful when the trees start hugging you back. Looking forward to meeting you at Friendship shelter, Marion, va.


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