You Just Owe Me One Thing

Carbon Man and Heisenberg

When I did Trail magic for Carbon Man and Heisenberg, I told them that I just wanted one thing in return – a summit photo. I got a happy ding on my iPhone this afternoon and these fine gentlemen were grinning back at me from the place. That wooden sign on the top of Katahdin is a powerful image and I was so happy they were finally there. This father and son team always appeared to love hiking together and I admired their easy relationship. They laughed with me at all the Trail misery that we endured together and we encouraged each other to the finish. That is what Trail buddies are for.

Seeing their summit photo was a strong pull back to the Trail and so I bought a fresh pair of Altras for my return to Virginia next week. I am going to meet Boogie and Scooby for a few days of hiking as they finish their flip flop SOBO towards Bland, Virginia. There are better places to finish the AT for sure but that is where they got off for COVID-19 so that is where they are headed back to. I am looking forward to my brief return to the quiet and peaceful Trail. Plus, I can try my best Lieutenant Dangle impression of new boot goofin’.

The stress of being back in the middle of the virus is wearing on me. I’m refreshing my news apps way too much and it is hard every time I leave the house. The tension in the stores and on the streets is so intense. Every decision seems like life and death. It makes our Trail troubles seem so silly. I’ll take mosquitoes and Pennsylvania over this any day. I am managing though. I’m getting things organized, bikes sold and studying for my PADI dive instructor exam. I even think I’ve found an instructor that can conduct the course for me in September in Monterey, California. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I am cooking a lot of good food with Bryan. We made homemade pizza from our Julia Child baking cookbook. It was delicious and therapeutic!

2 thoughts on “You Just Owe Me One Thing

  1. Good morning . Wow that pizza really looks good. You and Bryan were always good cooks. I know what you saying with all the virus thing. I don’t even watch the news anymore. It would make me crazy. I have Lilly here for another week. Went to the beach yesterday but so hot. I want to wish you and Bryan a wonderful day

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  2. Love Lt. Dangles white boots. Great look with the shorts. Wonder how you find these funny videos. Your pizza looks so yummy. Can never go wrong with Julia recipes. She is the queen of fabulous food. We are all so weary of the continuous bleak news. What we need is a 24 7 good news radio and tv station. Where only positive information and inspiration is presented. Wonder how many sponsors would be supportive of a program like this. I used to retreat to the weather channel, but so often their news is scary as well. So my classical music to the rescue. Have a happy peaceful and positive day. Much love

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