Beaver Dam, Bunches of Rocks and a Busted Nose

We camped at a really cool spot last night and the porcupines were so funny. They played and called to each other outside of our tents for about and hour and it had us all giggly until we fell asleep. I woke up really refreshed and ready to hit the Trail. I felt pretty beat up after the hard hike yesterday but my body recovered and the first few miles were really easy.

Nice easy morning

About 8 miles in we had a choice of either walking across a beaver dam or taking a dry detour. I haven’t hiked a beaver dam before and wanted to see what this was all about. As you can imagine, it was a mess and smelled pretty bad but I got the chance to see a bunch of frogs but no beavers. It reminded me of how much fun I have when I run with the Hash House Harriers. This is exactly the kind of muddy stuff we love to run in when we are “On On!”

Hiking across the beaver dam

The 26 mile hike today was pretty tame but we would run into some really technical rocky sections every few miles and have to slow down. It was a beautiful warm day so I stopped and had a long lunch on a bridge at the half way point. There was a big climb after lunch and then we were back on the rocky ridge for the remaining 13 miles or so.

We are already half way through Pennsylvania

I felt really good today until the last few miles. I was on the phone with a friend and wasn’t looking up and banged my nose and forehead pretty hard on a – you guessed it – a low branch. I think this is #5 so it’s hard not to laugh at it. Especially since I’m not really hurt and fortunately nothing is broken. Just a bloody nose and a reminder that I need to look up every once in a while. It was funny how your mind races when you have a little accident. I immediately went through the steps that I would need to get back on Trail. Still so focused on the finish line! I was just happy it wasn’t my foot or leg that was hurt.

Look out Low Branch!

The day ended beautifully though. It is a warm night and we were able to order pizza and cokes up to our campsite from the nearby town. A big salad and five pieces of pizza is just what I needed to recover. We will be back at it tomorrow and already planning the next sections in New Jersey and New York.

5 thoughts on “Beaver Dam, Bunches of Rocks and a Busted Nose

  1. Glad your nose is not broken!! What does a porcupine sound like? You are starting to look like a mountain man with that beard!

    Sounds like a fantastic journey.



  2. Low Branch strikes again! 😜 Love your attitude and have to say I was laughing also! Glad you had pizza to make it feel better! Half way thru PA! Yay!


  3. If it were not for your eyes and smile, difficult to see The Drew past the swollen patched nose and beard. So happy your injuries were not so severe. Impressed you had the proper bandage and meds to treat your nose and forehead. Maybe another trail name instead of low branch, you may be trying to live up to your given name. Try to be more cautious. Be safe. Much love.


  4. Drew, I was laughing after Betty got off the phone with you and told me about yet another “low branch” incident and showed me the photo. Glad nothing more serious of course. Happy Trails.


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