Downhill Virginia

We are just past the half way mark on Virginia. When we crossed the state line near Damascus, it seemed like such a huge task to get through the biggest part of the AT but now I can feel how the next two weeks should play out until we get to Harpers Ferry. The half way point!

Blue Ridge Sunrise

The weather was perfect today. The morning was cool but comfortable and the sun was rising just above the ridge as we climbed up and over the Blue Ridge Parkway to meet it. Our pace has definitely improved and we knocked out 11 miles before lunchtime at a campsite at the top of a hard climb.

Not a bad way to start your day

After lunch we split up a bit to do some solo hiking. Mallwalker and I definitely enjoy each other’s company but we’ve gotten into a cool habit lately of spending the afternoons on our own. It’s great knowing that someone else is out there but also that you can stop and take a break whenever you want or just hang out near a stream for a while. I was listening to a really funny episode of This American Life today and had to stop several times because in was laughing so hard. It was a great way to spend the day.


I’ve also been struggling a bit the last few days missing Bryan and Chuck. We FaceTimed a few days ago and I’ve been sad lately. I know this is all part of the Trail experience. It takes huge sacrifices on both sides to experience something this amazing and I’ve been paying that price lately. I’m hoping that things will improve in the real world soon and we can figure out a way to see each other.


I have a lot of new friends out here to keep me company though. The butterflies are coming out in droves and I’ve been seeing more packs of deer lately. The birds are out in full force and it’s a thrill every time I hear a new bird call. They are doing their best but they can’t compare to my two favorite buddies.

Dense new growth forest

The weather forecast looks nasty for tomorrow so we are going to hit the Trail at 6 and hike 20 miles to Glasgow and hope we can find some accommodations indoors to wait out the worst of the storms.

6 thoughts on “Downhill Virginia

  1. Now these are amazing photos! Wow beautiful! Hope you beat the bad weather!

    Ernie and I miss Bryan also since we are hunkered down in the house! 😊


  2. Understand how much you miss Bryan and Chuck. Talked with Bryan last night. This is difficult for all concerned. Things are slowly improving and I remain hopeful we will see a new and improved “normal” soon. In the mean time you are clicking off the miles. Hope you will be able to find dry accommodations to wait out the storms. Much love


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