New Age Zero

Nolichucky River Running Fast!

In this new age of AT hiking amongst the virus the classic zero is turned on its head. I only had one zero in the good ole days 3 weeks ago and it was awesome. We hung out at a hostel in Franklin and shared food and played guitar. Ahhhh. Remember back then? Now, it is much more heavy on the logistics (and crappy highway schelping) but it can still be fun.

No – not the AT but the walk from the AT to the Citgo.

I slept in late and drank delicious coffee that the hotel brewed. It probably was terrible coffee but if you don’t have to make it yourself in the tent it tastes amazing. I did my laundry and then walked a few miles to Uncle Johnnys Hostel on the AT to retrieve my box. I was super nervous about going because I had heard that the owner was threatening thru hikers on Facebook and got banned from the 2020 AT Facebook page. They were still giving out boxes that had been sent so I came bearing a gift of a tin of fancy feast cat food. When I stopped by the hostel last night on my way in they were closed but I was surrounded by some aggressively friendly cats that were demanding treats.

Peace offering

I approached the door with a soft knock and Drew answered (gotta be cool with a name like that, right?). He couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful. He immediately got my box, apologized profusely for closing the hostel facilities and told me that I was right to stay on the trail. In fact, he said that if they don’t reopen soon he is going to head out and join us soon. He graciously accepted the cat food and we served his friends the treat on the porch. He even accepted Taco’s dog food for his own dog for when they go hiking.

Schelping back with my box

On my walk back to the hotel I felt a renewed sense of purpose. I felt proud that I’m following my own rules of no shuttles, hostels, shelters, congregating or food sharing. The AT most certainly can be done this way. Sure, it’s more effort but this is a 2,200 mile hike to Maine for crying out loud. A walk to town isn’t going to kill me.

Wonderful healthy Outdoor Herbivore

My box was stuffed full of 5 days of healthy outdoor herbivore meals and organic twizzlers! It is an embarrassment of riches and though my pack will be heavy I will be eating like a king on my way into the Roan Highlands. I gave the dog treats away to the friendly front desk clerk at the hotel and then hiked a 2 mile ditch into Erwin for a late lunch/dinner. They were really sweet too and thankful for the business. I did some window shopping at the Dollar General and well – that is about all there is to do in Erwin. I hiked past a nuclear fuel facility and decided it was best not to inquire any further in that one. Uranium mining maybe?

Organic twizzlers cut specially for hip pocket access

I’m really excited for the next 3 days as I head into the Roan Highlands with all sun and warm temps in the forecast. This is a really special part of The AT and I have a treehouse cabin booked just shy of the 400 mile mark. I’ll share some great pics as I hike it through.

Ok. Not healthy but delicious!

6 thoughts on “New Age Zero

  1. Twizzlers- best candy! Love that you finally recognize how great Dollar General is! Can’t wait for photos coming up!


  2. Again award winning photos. Love that you discovered the dollar store. Your pack for the hike tomorrow looks fun. Have a good rest. Gus and I are so proud of you. Stay safe and enjoy all that surrounds you. Love you


  3. I was laughing as I started reading today’s post because this morning I was checking out the website for the Nolichucky Gorge Campground down the street from Uncle Johnny’s Hostel 🥰


  4. You really are blazing the trail on your own now with little distractions. Maybe this is turning out to be an experience like no other and that can be amazing! Your up for the task and ready to continue. Yes the news out there is crazy however it’s a great time to keep putting one foot in front of the other and take in Gods landscape. Love you always, Cindy❤️


  5. Thanks again for the daily respite from the craziness. I wonder several times daily where you are and what your doing right now as we deal with the madness. So happy you’re sharing.


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