Nero Hero

Shuttling into Hiawassee

A Nero is not a day off of hiking but shorter morning miles and then high tailing it into town for rest and resupply. We got up early today at Deep Gap and headed out with Jessica aka Glider for an easy 4 mile hike to Dick’s Creek Gap to meet our shuttle into our hostel in Hiawassee. Pop Rocks was waiting at the gap with more trail magic. He has converted his Chevy into a mini house van and even has an iPad mount in the ceiling so he can watch movies. This guy has figured a few things out!

The top reads “Congrats on (Almost) Finishing Georgia”

The shuttle showed up right on time and we headed into Hiawassee for a resupply. I sent a box ahead to another hostel that closed recently but luckily the post office was holding the package for me. We are all geared up for the 3 day hike into Franklin and my first zero. Chuck got another massage and paw treatment followed by a long day of resting with Glider on the hotel bed. He’ll be ready for tomorrow for sure.

8 thoughts on “Nero Hero

  1. Are you there yet? Your post are the highlight of my day. This is reality tv at its best only with a darling puppy that we adore. Hope this terrible weather passes soon. Anything I could send you. Let me know. What an adventure. Love you


  2. I look forward to read each days progress. Question if you don’t mind. How many miles/ hours a day are you averaging? Is there a daily goal or just go with the flow? On the AT trail that I hiked up here in southwestern va just yesterday there was6 inches of snow and more forecasted tonight. I have been trying to get the word out for for some more sunshine. Keep on keeping on.


    1. Hi Bob, just taking each day as it goes but aiming for 12-15 average. We did 20 today because the conditions were perfect and I have a zero tomorrow so time to rest. Thanks for following!


  3. Hi Drew,
    Just got word of your journey and blog- so started from the beginning. Wishing you well and will enjoy following your adventure. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Tom- from Dynamo


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